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Murrayfield Nursery goes VEGAN in celebration of World Vegan Month

posted by lynzi-pond

February 2, 2022

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In November, we served up an entire vegan menu in celebration of World Vegan Month.

Children who attended the Nursery on Friday 26 November enjoyed a fully-vegan menu made up of porridge made with oat milk, plant-based Bolognese served with vegan cheese and an afternoon snack of homemade garlic bread with a selection of vegan/plant-based meats.

Nursery Manager Rhonda Houston said: “A number of our families follow a vegan diet and our children have shown an interest in the different meal options available.

“To support children’s knowledge and understanding we decided to create a special menu to be served for one day – with foods every child could eat and enjoy together.

“The menu has been well received by both parents and the children and we would definitely consider looking at other plant-based options and how we can implement them into our usual menu when creating them for spring/summer.”

This is not the first time the Nursery has tried a plant-based menu, with the whole Nursery tucking into a week of vegetarian food last May as part of the National Vegetarian Week.

Nursery Cook Linda Palmer showcases our VEGAN menu

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